Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Jonas Hellborg Group feat. Ginger Baker – Live in Dresden

A tour in a class all by itself has come to an end. With the intention of creating unique musical experiences, the exceptional Swedish bass player and Warwick signatur artist Jonas Hellborg has been collaborating with world class musicians for years. Jonas Hellborg, who is without a doubt one of the great innovators of the bass guitar and has worked with musicians like John McLaughlin, Bill Laswell, Shawn Lane and Michael Shrieve among others, presented a true super group. Drum legend Ginger Baker, who wrote music history with Cream, ensured a distinctive groove on this tour. Master percussionist Abas Dodoo added unbelievable rhythms and helped create unique soundscapes. Guitar player and Framus endorsee Regi Wooten fascinated the audience with his unconventional playing style.
No wonder that the concert in Dresden attracted countless music enthusiasts. “Tante Ju”, a concert hall known for extraordinary musical events, was bursting at the seams. The audience has not been disappointed. Older pieces by Jonas Hellborg were offered and built the foundation for unbelievably intense improvisations. The audience was enraptured by the irresistible combination of rhythms and sounds. A sublime solo by Abas Dodoo, in which he fantastically interacted with the listeners, led to a duet with Ginger Baker, who was showing that even at an age of 72, he is still among the groundbreaking artists in the landscape of music. Framus Endorsee Regi Wooten likewise left the audience breathless. Regi has developed an uncommon picking technique which combines with Jazz chords. This combination presented the guitar in a completely new scope. Jonas Hellborg himself was acting as a musical conductor whose virtuosic solo parts likewise showed his ability to master many different techniques, which he combined to his own unmistakable style.
Dick Lövgren,Warwick endorser and bass player of the Swedish experimental metal band Meshuggah, had just paid Warwick a visit in Markneukirchen and would not miss this musical delight. After the gig, he took the opportunity for an extensive chat with Jonas Hellborg about instruments and amplifiers from the house of Warwick.

Jonas Hellborg plays

Regi Wooten plays

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