Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dick Lövgren visits Warwick headquarters

Meshuggah is considered one of the hottest and most innovative bands in the extreme Metal scene. Their combination of different Metal styles and strong Jazz influences is second to none and emphasizes the artistic level of each musician involved.

Meshuggah bassist and Warwick endorser, Dick Lövgren paid Warwick a visit during a break from touring and recording. After an excursion into the depths of Framus’ history, which can only be experienced at the Framus museum, Dick was lead on an extensive factory tour. It started from the timber yard, where our woods are air-dried for at least 3 to 5 years. Then it was onto our production facility and finally our newly redesigned lacquering department which had been in operation only a few days. Dick was thoroughly impressed by the modern machines and the precision of Warwick’s manufacture as well as by the passion of its employees. Afterward, Dick followed up his visit with a concert of the Jonas Hellborg Group featuring Ginger Baker in Dresden.
After the visit, he sent us the following: “So i finally visited Markneukirchen and the amazing Warwick/Framus factory. I’m at the hotel room right now, getting ready to head back to Sweden.I can’t describe how impressed I am of the factory and how fun it was to meet the amazing staff you got! Daniel and Marcus took good care of me, and it turned out an amazing day! We finished it with watching Jonas Hellborg and Ginger Baker perform. Thanx for the visit and much love/respect for your life passion and work you´ve done with these instruments and the amazing people around you.”

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